VIP 5 Litre Heavy Smoke Fluid
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VIP 5 Litre Heavy Smoke Fluid

VIP Heavy Smoke fluid is high quality fluid that really gives and thicker smoke and is great value for money. Being used all over Australia by DJ's, Venues, Bands and Production companies, and for added safety his product comes in green and not clear. You can even choose a scent of your choice below which is added to the contents of the bottle.


* Volume: 5L
* Colour: Clear
* Weight: 5.2Kg
* Dimensions: D180mm x W125mm x H295mm

Shipping Volume: .007cbm
Shipping Weight: 5.2kg

Warranty: None


  • $39.00
  • Weight
    5 kg
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  • Add a Scent
    Apple, Strawberry, Energy Drink ( Most Popular ), Tutti Frutti, Tropical, Non Scented